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Light aircraft makes emergency landing on Blackpool Beach

A single engine light aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on Blackpool beach this evening.

We were first alerted to the presence of the Coastguard heading south from Manchester Square at 6:22pm. It’s believed the aircraft came down shortly before.

Shortly afterwards a dog walker spotted the aircraft on the beach and posted about it on facebook.

This video was posted by Lisa Lou Bel on facebook showing the initial emergency service response.

It’s not currently known why the aircraft was forced to land on the beach. The aircraft a Robin R2120U is registered to an operator at Blackpool Airport.

Video footage on our Youtube channel from the scene shows a response by the local HM coastguard along with engineers and people helping to recover the stricken aircraft.

A video on Facebook shows the aircraft being lifted over the promenade railings by a crane.

We will update this page when we learn more about the situation.

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