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About Blackpool News

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Blackpool News or BPL News is an independent news and media startup company based in Blackpool. We will report on local news from Blackpool and the Fylde coast and try to make it as easy to access for our readers as possible.

Currently the Blackpool News team consist of 6 locals who are from different backgrounds and have very different careers. We find the news and either write it ourselves or employ freelance writers to do the job for us. We are looking to improve the quality of our content by hiring part and full time writers as soon as our current business model permits.

Blackpool news is a not for profit organisation however we do aim to make money. We intend to invest any money that we make into local jobs and training for writers, designers, video creators and other arts and media roles.

Blackpool news recognises that our town has a rich heritage of promoting the arts and entertainment in general and as much as we can possibly do so – we will continue to promote the talent that comes from and performs in our resort.

We currently have 3 local volunteer photographers who all work in their spare time to cover as many newsworthy events as possible. We will always welcome photo submissions from members of the public and we operate a profit share system for any submissions we manage to successfully sell-on to other news outlets and agencies on your behalf. We will also pay for stories too; subject to our terms and conditions.

We are currently just a group of volunteers who wish to form a CIC in order to legitimise the work we have done so far and the work we intend to continue carry out. We will hopefully be able to gain funding from grants and other sources in order to further the education of local people in news, digital media and online marketing in order to help the town compete in the wider global tourism market and other sectors of online growth.

Blackpool news doesn’t have an office or physical space yet. We have access to local businesses who can act as distribution points and collection points for us but we don’t yet feel we need an office or the overhead that goes with it – especially in this odd time to be effectively starting a business.

We have been publishing news and current affairs under another brand name for the past 6 years and have allowed that brand to become more of an entertainment brand which has helped it to grow to the size that it is.

eleven million two hundred and thirty eight thousand two hundred and ten post reach six million five hundred and ninety nine thousand and twenty six video views
The stats on our main Facebook page (not our Blackpool news fakebook page) from Dec – Jan 2021

We have a proven track record of being popular and factual on the internet. We hope you will trust us to serve you quality assured accurate local news and content direct to your email address and web browser.

In the future Blackpool News hopes to start a weekly physical or downloadable newsletter for sale that will help us to fund our enterprise further – but in the meantime we are reliant on donations from our readers on a voluntary basis – (we suggest £12 per year – once a year) or by selling our merchandise or photographs which will be linked to HERE once the page is complete.

This is very much a fresh approach and a fresh face to an established team. We hope you contine to trust us to serve you Blackpool news like you’ve never had it before.

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